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Re-released for 2010. Some great dancing I haven’t done for years. Even Kid Sister is there trying to dance by wiggling her fingers.


Before Palms Out posted this mix from SIDECHAINS I had no idea who they were. To be honest I still don’t but this is the mix man! It goes from classic 90’s techno/house to Feadz. Quite a range and quite awesome.

Check the tracklist below the fold

Sidechains – Sounds of Summer
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Great video that made it to number one on the UK top 40 charts. At first I wasn’t feeling it, but the break one minute in turned it around for me. Make sure to watch it in high quality for the full awesomeness.


Sabo a NYC based DJ/producer. (Whom I didn’t even know was local to me) put out an awesome mix for XLR8R mix that spans house, dubstep, baile funk, hip-hop and everything in between.

Check it out, definitely worth a listen.. Tracklist beneath the fold.

XLR8R Presents Sabo
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Old sample, new artist, new video.

Via Discobelle

Classic house track. Shake and Pop has really been making the rounds lately with the heavy bass scene taking off all around the globe. This track is timeless really. Solid bassline, solid danceable riff. Good times.


Awesome super up-lifting house music that has totally lifted my spirits to “higher ground” after this very very busy week. Super stoke that I came across this on my RSS reader.

Pig Mag
Maurice Fulton

Maurice Fulton x Red Bull Music Academy x Pig Mag mix


I love love love the Fluo Kids blog. Its filled with tons of musical gem’s buried in a bunch of French that I don’t understand without Babelfish translating it for me.

I found this post on here today that included a very American centric tracks. So I had to listen how would they mix Blondie and say A-ha. Well the answer is with alot of bass and looping.

Definitely worth a listen if you have the time, but I would fastforward past the first 2 minutes, bit of a train wreck up front

[audio: _too cool for school_ mixtape 1.mp3]

Click below for tracklisting

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I have been spending alot of time listening to mixes all over the blogosphere and without even noticing it realized the “Heavy Bass” movement was going soft, it was turning into more if a housey feel. Not a bad thing but different.

Starkey’s new mix isn’t housey, it is a return to “Heavy Bass” of ye olde. Its that heavy bass sound that the blog mixes have been moving away from over the Summer but still I have been craving. So thank you Starkey, you made my day at the office so much more enjoyable.



Check below the fold for tracklist \/

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Those crazy SF0 guys are at it again making urban culture a hell of a lot more fun. Check out this 7 min clip of them converting a Muni stop in SF to a portable rave. Pretty cool stuff… Would love to get this shit started in NYC.