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Couple months old now, but this track has some deep deep bass and a nice lyric. Really loving the whole merger of UK and US rap/bassline music that has been occurring for a few years now.

Hot Bassline, Hot Lyrics, Awesome Video.. .Watch it now!

Great video that made it to number one on the UK top 40 charts. At first I wasn’t feeling it, but the break one minute in turned it around for me. Make sure to watch it in high quality for the full awesomeness.

Lady Soverign got a very Avril Lavigne style haircut. Guess now now she is more approachable to a mass audience. Verdict… Not so good… What do you think?


The awesome NYC label known as Mishka put out a mix from month to month that usually lights up the blogosphere with the awesome djs they snag weekly. It seems that these guys have the same connections as the folks over at Scion.

This month they have the “inventor” of the modern dubstep sound, the one the only Skream!!!!

From Miskha:

For our 6th installment of Keep Watch, we’re excited to have Croydon, UK’s own Skream keeping our speakers on sonic overload. Skream helped build the burgeoning dubstep scene through the UK and we’re honored to have him drop this mix for you guys, exclusively through our Keep Watch series. A perfect example of the dark and grimy vibes coming out of the dubstep underground, Skream unleashes what we can only describe as bass bazookas into your headphones and speakers. The mix goes from heavy and murky to quick and danceable and calms it down near the end with a soulful outro.

Croydon’s wonderkid, Skream discovered making music at the young age of 15 and hasn’t looked back since. Helping to evolve the dubstep genre Skream has worked with many of the top artists in the scene including fellow Tempa lablemates Hatcha and Benga. Often described as “a wild child” Skream’s subdued alter ego comes through in each and every track he produces, combining a minimal and technical approach with a keen sense of composition. Skream is set to continue killing the dubstep scene for sometime to come.

Skream – Keep Watch Mix Volume VI


The current reigning king of dubstep Rusko just finished up a new mix for the awesome DJ Magazine. It’s filled with the typical big hits, Eastern Jam, Pro Nails, Raise the Temperature, etc… Fantastically mixed despite the fairly overplayed tracks.


Tracklist below the fold

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Yeah, it’s the Mecca of Donk; the heard of Donk. Literally there’s a load of Donk that goes on.

VBS.TV just re-discovered high BPM house music now called Donk and exploits it by calling it some new sound. If your interested in check out the full 5 part series on the “Donk Phenomenon” head over to VBS to be mildly bored by a rehashing of a genre as old as electronic music.


photo via Lethally Dosed

Dubstep pioneer Benga dropped this sick essential mix on us this February. Killer killer mix and awesome track selection. Thanks to Prolly for the find!

edit: because of some CRAPPY people linking to this file directly the mix has been pulled. If you want it just leave a comment.. Sorry to all the good people out there.

Tracklisting below the fold:

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DJ Distance

From what I can tell DJ Distance has been around for a few years. I am relatively new to the relatively new dubstep scene and just came across this track randomly and totally fell in love.

Someone get this man over to NY! I love love dubstep shows! Supposedly he played in May, but I totally missed that bus. Anyway check out his track Demons


Want to here more of his tracks check his Myspace page or his blog

British producer N-Type hosted this mini-documentary outlining the current state of the UK Dubstep seen. This came out in June of this year, but somehow it has escaped my grasp until now. Some of the heavy hitters interviewed in this include Skream, Hatcha, and Crazy D.

If you new to this whole dubstep genre, watch this video, it give a pretty quick but accurate overview of the progression of the music.