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TLGB (The Living Graham Bond) despite the weird name is a great dj/producer. He won the AC Slate remix competition from earlier this year despite a strong competition. He also just joined up with Venga Digital for a single and EP release. Check out the following remixes:

A bassline driven rejig of Jack Penate’s single “Today’s Tonight” which spent a month in Kissy Sell Out’s myspace chart and has featured on his Radio One show. Download. And a subby chilled out remix of the classic “You’re Not Alone” by Olive. Download.


Nightshifters latest track by the awesome heavy bass champion AC Slater just dropped now and its filled with that floor pumping bass we know you love.

AC Slater – Rock It Out

Picture 3.png
I have mixed feelings on Little Boots, some stuff I love and some I hate but I do know that I LOVE AC Slater and this remix is no exception. Check out this track of awesome bassline epicness.

Little Boots – Meddle (AC Slater & dj Skeet Skeet remix feat. Goldielocks)


I think AC Slater is a brother from another mother. Everything this guy realized I dig in such a big way. He used lays and layers of bass that just makes your whole body want to move. Seriously I can’t say enough good things about this guy.



Intro Kun Os – ‘International’
Edu K Vs. Radioclit Ft. MC Eric – ‘LinguiƧa Maluka’
Cosmetics – ‘K33P K33P’
AC Slater – ‘Kuku feat. Fagget Fairys’ (Scott Cooper & Jak Z’s Post Mungo Mix)
B. Rich – ‘Ain’t Here To Party’ feat. Whiskey Pete
Blatta & Inesha – ‘Blow Up’ feat. Ask (HiJack Remix)
AC Slater – ‘Vertigo’ (Nick Supply Remix)
Alex Schmitz – ‘Beat Goes Boom’ (Stupid Fresh Remix)
Mightyfools – ‘Hey Babe’
Wiley – ‘Summertime’ (Crookers Remix)
Mikix The Cat – ‘Outlaw’
Udachi – ‘Jellyroll’
Deckstar – ‘Git Da Gyal Dem Skankin’ feat Tempah
AC Slater – ‘Jack Got Jacked’ (B. Rich Remix)
Jason Tyler – ‘Run Around’ (Udachi Rmx
Freestylers – ‘Don’t Stop’ (AC Slater Remix)
Drop the Lime – ‘Hear Me’ (AC Slater Remix)
Your Dirty Habit – ‘Your Dirty Habit’ (Computer Club Remix)
Moby – ‘The Stars’ (AC Slater Remix) “

(Via Nicky Digital.)

AC Slater Flyer 031

Another fucking AWESOME mix from Bushwick’s AC Slater. This guy only popped up on my radar late last year when Palms Out start playing some of his tracks. After listening to the first one I was hooked. This guy fucking loves bassline, and I for one can’t get enough of it. Check out this full length mix of awesomeness and then check him out Thursday night, (flyer below the fold).


Click below the fold for full tracking listing.

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