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White Chick Rapper’s coming out big in 2011. Makes me miss NY even though this is shot in CA

Mistah FAB

So Twitter has now made it to mainstream rap. Check out this new track from Mistah F.A.B. pretty good track, made me laugh for sure, although I am getting sick of Auto-Tune, but really who isn’t these days.×3.swf

Well now I have seen it all. Katie Couric interviewing little wayne. Really? I love Lil’ Wayne but this is crazy.


Discobelle came across some dubstep influenced tracks by Lil’ Wayne. Check em here:

Lil Wayne (ft. Pharrell) – Yes
Lil Wayne (ft. Pharrell) – Ay Man



Nice classic HipHop and Rap. Throwback to my HS youth. This mix has Dr. Dre, Pharcyde, NWA, Easy-E all of that west coast rap that came out during the height of the media hyped East Coast vs. West Coast battle. Hot stuff.

Tracklist After the Fold

(Via Attorney Street.)

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Really does this take any more explanation?

via Gizmodo