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From the maker of the SlapChop comes the best Vince parody video I have ever seen in my life. Epic!

(Via Consumerist.)


Linus. a NYC based IDM producer has a new one hot off the presses that is a tribute to a friend that passed in February. Great downtempo sound, and worth a listen.

Linus. – Hemophilia

Remember how Daft Punk asked its fans to bring their video camera’s to the Keyspan Park Brooklyn concert. Will they just finished up editing all 250 camera’s into one giant camera mash up. Its pretty intense and might cause you a seizure but it its a great flashback to the event. It’s taken from the ‘Alive’ DVD, directed by Olivier Gondry & released at the end of November.


The cats over at Pitchfork Media had an opportunity to get Diplo to lay down a hourlong mix and a great interview that dissects his track selection. Great warm up before he and Switch show up in NY on Oct 5th to throw it down at the Hiro Ballroom.


Updated Mix Link:
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Thanks to the Captain over at Trouble and Bass for finding this gem.

Tracklist below the fold.

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Sexy Beast 4 Album Cover

This kid keeps busting out killer mix after killer mix.


Catch the tracklisting below the fold…



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neon daft punk

I know I have been making a million posts about the Daft Punk show, but it was so amazing how could I not! Anyway I came across this pretty good quality live recording of the show at Keyspan. If you don’t mind some crowd noise its worth the listen.

Download via Obscene NYC

Daft Punk last night. Insanity. Click below for more videos

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Daft Punk Metal Sign
photo courtesy of Fran

Absolutely off the hook night. Best night of the summer. A teeny amount of rain, cool weather, amazing lights amazing sound, amazing crowd.

Video’s will be posted in a few hours but I wanted to get this up ASAP!

God! I am so excited about this concert. I haven’t been this excited about a show since I was 15. Tickets are obviously sold out but you can pick them up scalped i bet.

The above youtube is Daft Punk’s LA show. HOTTNESS!

Video from last night’s insanity is here. Freaking amazing times

Mr. Oizo vs. vs. vs. Basement Jaxx


Anybody know anything about this Oizo vs Amnand Van Helden vs. Fatboy Slim vs Basement Jaxx live mix or where I can find a full length mix. It sounds great to me take a listen.