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I am not a big fan of Kanye but under these circumstances it is just awesome. Whoever cut this together needs a job in some important film studio

I can swear this is a co-worker over here. Either way it’s awesome.

This is a bird I would love to own. Seriously.

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So this is just hitting the blogosphere. The story goes that some employee at Ogilvy broke into her old apartments roof and threw a big ass party. Fast-Forwad an hour and the partygoers have to take a piss but low and behold no bathrooms. doh! So what did the drunks do? They knock on random people’s doors and ask to use their bathrooms.

Really are people still this stupid in NYC, both Tracy Coleman (the idiot) and the partygoers.

Click below for the full story.

Vinegar Hill Summer Rooftop Party Cut Short: “

260 Water Street

This past Saturday (23-Aug-08), a rooftop takeover party on the 260 Water Street building was cut short. There was a report that a former tenant invited 1000 people to party on the roof, but after a ‘few hundred’ people gathered on the roof, someone called the police. According to the invite:

Last year word got out about the party pretty early, and the turnout was great! And we had a blast. But it got so good that eventually a cop showed up with 5 of his friends who peacefully informed us that we didn’t have to go home but…

So, this year we’re doing a takeover. Which is why you’re getting this email today and not a month ago. Let your people know and get ready for the hottest party of the summer. We have a few rules that we’ll let you know about later in the week but for now, get your gear ready, pick out your bottle and tell your people to be on time b/c if you show up with the CP time crowd at 1:30 and are ‘peacefully escorted’ off the roof an hour later, you can’t say we didn’t warn you!

I guess impromptu summer parties can’t be easily done anymore even in the usually quiet/deserted area of Vinegar Hill.

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Hilarious account of a comedian’s first experience in a south beach club. Words can’t express!

An event as great as this can only happy in in Williamsburg after a wicked night of drinking. Pretty good video, especially if its a slow day at work.

Really does this take any more explanation?

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