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Peel Sessions November Flyer

Get your ass off the couch this Thursday’s evening and venture yourself to Meeker ave and Leonard right under the BQE to see a whole bunch of crazy bike kids doing some insane tricks not thought possible with a track bicycle. There will be a bunch of prizes and people having a good time.

Don’t have a bike? Thats fine. Just take the L to Lorimer walk a black to the BQE make a right and walk a block till you see kids doing wheelies.

The one like Prolly posted some killer video of the Cadence kids from Philly busting out some wicked tricks down at the banks. Check out the last minute of the video to see Prolly himself nailing a no-handed track stall on the 18″ grind ledge.

I have been spending alot of time listening to mixes all over the blogosphere and without even noticing it realized the “Heavy Bass” movement was going soft, it was turning into more if a housey feel. Not a bad thing but different.

Starkey’s new mix isn’t housey, it is a return to “Heavy Bass” of ye olde. Its that heavy bass sound that the blog mixes have been moving away from over the Summer but still I have been craving. So thank you Starkey, you made my day at the office so much more enjoyable.



Check below the fold for tracklist \/

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