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The world really is tiny. Major Lazer is an awesome side project of Diplo and Switch. One if their first videos out is for Zumbie and features the great Andy Milonakis who is dressed up as a zombie wearing an awesome Mishka t-shirt.

Funny times, great soong, and small world… Enjoy


I have an unhealthy obsession with Katy Perry. Don’t ask me why but its awesome pop and just asking for some Dubstep remixes. Everything is awesome about this video except the Diesel product placement.

Oh I miss the care free days of bitmap graphics and simple animations.

New Prodigy album is coming out. Its awesome, check out the video.
Obama Victory (dubstep mix)

“Obama’s victory compiled with found footage on the net. music by Rusko. Thx to Shepherd Fairey, the voters, and Barack Obama for this historic moment …” Awesome tribute video

Live recreation of Guitar Hero, performed on a bike.
Directed by Jaron Albertin / Drago5 agency.