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Tag Archives: hiphop

White Chick Rapper’s coming out big in 2011. Makes me miss NY even though this is shot in CA

Throwback to a classic classic track. Perfect for those nice spring nights

YONKERS From Tylers Upcoming Second Album GOBLIN, Set To be Released in April.

Directed By Wolf Haley
Filmed By Luis Panch Perez

Great sound. Kinda sounds like Atmosphere, but awesome either way.

Can’t say I know much about this hiphop group other than I love this video and the lyrics on it. Worth a listen.

Crazy leg with it.

Haven’t heard from Craze in a while, but I spend many a nights dancing to him. Awesome dj. Check this video out.

For more from DJ Craze visit or

Couple months old now, but this track has some deep deep bass and a nice lyric. Really loving the whole merger of UK and US rap/bassline music that has been occurring for a few years now.мебель в болгарии

Lady Soverign got a very Avril Lavigne style haircut. Guess now now she is more approachable to a mass audience. Verdict… Not so good… What do you think?

New video from The dream out. First video I have seen Mariah Carey in for a while. Its amazing how she can go from white girl pop to RnB girl smoothness. Anyway check out this video and the radio killer “Rockin’ that Shit below the fold featuring way to much Louis Vuitton .

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