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Free bike parking in MA, why isn’t this in NYC. Come on Bloomberg!

(Via Streetsblog.)

Get excited. This Saturday is the start of a 5 race borough by borough race series through the streets of NYC. Sign up and register here.

Should be awesome as always. Check out the video below to get a taste of what the race is like.

The Red Hook Bicycle Master Plan Design Competition from Brian Lehrer Live on Vimeo via Streetsblog

Bikes need to be included in NYC’s master plan. Check out this video for the many reasons why Bikes belong in NYC.

Bike Shorts 5

This Sunday head over to Galapagos at 8pm to check out some of the best short films about bicycles ever created. The folks over at Bike Shorts really have their shit together when it comes to given us an awesome Sunday night. Don’t believe me, check out the winning video from last month:

Times Up Sale

Time’s Up the NYC bike institition is packing up their bags and moving somewhere new. To clean out the closet’s they are selling all kinds of bikes and bike stuff for CHEAP so come down this Sunday the 20th and pick up some great goods.

3rd annual memorial ride is doing their 3rd Annual Memorial Ride for cyclists and pedestrians who were killed by cars in NYC.

Please come out to show your support of those fallen.

Thank You

Ed is working on a photo ethnography of NYC’s bicycle culture. He has
been photographing alleycats, goldsprints, the vintage Schwinn clubs of Bushwick, (a block from my house) road races, track races, Bicyle Fetish, the Bicycle Film Festival, etc, etc.

Now, he is doing some portraits.

So grab your bike and a friend or two and find him (us).

Williamsburg Bridge
Friday 6/22
6PM to sundown

No fancy lights, seamless backdrops or air conditioned studios. Just
you, your bike, the bridge, friends and of course BEER! (Bring a water
bottle or a plastic cup)

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