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Not posting here that often these days. Been really busy but these 2 tracks just came across my email and I was digging them so hard I had to post them:


Adam Freeland D0 You (An-ten-nae Remix)

Check them out on:

Get the album here: Beatport Link

Claude Von Stroke has left the Sunny shores of California to play at Fabric in celebration of his Fabric 46 mix. Above he throws us a 30 minute mix in celebration. Enjoy!

This is nuts. Who would want to live in something this small. Really. Just nuts how small it is.

Sometimes, Less is just Less: the 250 SF Condo for $279K: “cubixsf apartment unit image

Housing in San Francisco is expensive, and one way to make units cost less is to make them smaller, particularly if there is restrictive zoning and you can get more units in the same building envelope. Now they have squeezed units down to 250 square feet, smaller than most hotel rooms. George Hauser, the architect, notes that they aren’t for everyone-

‘It’s not the last place a person might own, but a great place to spend three to five years as a young single … to build equity and move up,’ said Hauser, principal of Hauser Architects in San Francisco. ‘You’re in a small space with great amenities and the resources of the city.’

(Via TreeHugger.)

Day with Doom from Kroog . on Vimeo.

Some more footage of some fixed gear free styling on a sunny day in San Francisco. Nice little video that captures the vibe of the day

Those crazy SF0 guys are at it again making urban culture a hell of a lot more fun. Check out this 7 min clip of them converting a Muni stop in SF to a portable rave. Pretty cool stuff… Would love to get this shit started in NYC.

Apparently the cops in SF are going after bicyclists for running red lights but not cars. I have no problem with the police enforcing the laws, but do it equally.