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Hot Hot Hot Video and track from Trackademicks. If you watch one video today, make this it.

Bass-Fueling Graveyard Dance Music!

Video is nothing to write home about but the track is a banger

Not posting here that often these days. Been really busy but these 2 tracks just came across my email and I was digging them so hard I had to post them:


Adam Freeland D0 You (An-ten-nae Remix)

Check them out on:

Get the album here: Beatport Link

Amanda Blank has been all over Facebook advertisements on my friends profile pages. It was because of this I didn’t take her seriously. I figured oh its some big record company electro fakery but after watching this video I dig her. Its a catchy tune.

Hilarious video comparing roadies to fixed gear kids. Thanks for this Andy!

Jelly NYC Pool Party Schedule

McCarren Pool Parties have moved to the Williamsburg waterfront this year at East River State Park (Kent Ave. at N. 8th St., Brooklyn).

Great video that made it to number one on the UK top 40 charts. At first I wasn’t feeling it, but the break one minute in turned it around for me. Make sure to watch it in high quality for the full awesomeness.


Linus. a NYC based IDM producer has a new one hot off the presses that is a tribute to a friend that passed in February. Great downtempo sound, and worth a listen.

Linus. – Hemophilia


30 minutes of heavy bass and sick remixes alongside some classics like Starkey’s Gutter Music. If its basse your craving you can find it here.

If this links breaks just let me know and I will find a new one for ya!

SUPRA1 – Mixtape for Curb Crawlers
1. Geeneus – In To The Future
2. Blackfinger – Up Middle Finger ( SUPRA1 Remix )
3. Rico Tubbs – Born To Bounce ( SUPRA1 Remix )
4. Double S – From Day ( Cardopusher Remix )
5. Starkey feat. Durrty Goodz – Gutter Music VIP
6. Crissy Criss – Blow His Head Off
7. Star Eyes – Disappear ( Dexplicit Remix )
8. Little Jinder – Polyhedron ( SUPRA1 Remix)”

(Via Curb Crawlers)