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Drop the Lime live band is now on tour.. See heavy bass drumming on a DRUM SET rather than through a sampler or on a record.. Really hot shit.. Combining the best of digital production and a live show..


Discobelle is sprinting out the gates this week with awesome mixes left and right. The latest mix worth copping is this great Heavy Bass mixtape from 21 year old producer Solly. I don’t like reposting to many links from one blog a day, but this is just awesome!

Solly – Mixin’ it Up

Tracklisting (Via Discobelle.)

The White

You might have heard the drama. It went something like this. “A new pizza place is opening next to Grimaldi’s they must want a war, why would they open there.” Well they did open, well, soft opened today for lunch and in one word.. EPIC…

The pizza was absolutely awesome. Thicker crust than Grimaldi’s but just slightly, giving a great crunch that I look for in pizza. The slices are not sloppy or overly loaded with sauce or cheese. The staff looks like they are from a Grateful Dead concert, but it doesn’t matter because they are so friendly you are put immediately at ease. Definitely stop by there and get a pie in the next month before the tourists take this place over!

Ignazio’s Pizza
4 Water St, Brooklyn NY


Edit: In the interest of fairness there has a been a bunch of comments speaking about the poor quality of this place, as you can see below or through a search on Yelp. I have not experienced this, but others have and its worth noting that there have been wildly different reviews of this place, so take any review with a grain of salt.

Great interview with Kingdom from Trash Menagerie. Click the link for the full interview and some awesome track.

TM Exclusive – Kingdom Interview: “For those readers who don’t know as much about the work you do, could you share a brief ‘coming-of-age’ about your life as a DJ? How did you come to New York, and what has your work involved up until now?

I moved to NYC when I was 18 to study at Parsons School of Design, and I’ve also remained very connected to Massachusetts, where I grew up. I wasn’t DJing while I was in school, but I was in a rave performance troupe / band with my friends from MA called Memoreis Forever. We did summer tours in 2003 and 2004. I made the beats and did production for the group, and we had a song called Kingdom actually, thats how I got the name when I started working solo. Then around 2006 I did my first party which was a Hip Hop party called Not Straigh Outta Compton. My friends and I threw it in this tiny club behind a liquor store on Graham Ave. in Williamsburg. That technically wasn’t a DJ gig though because we all wanted to be on the floor the whole night, so we would make mix CDs and just let them play. It was the funnest party I’ve ever been to. It’s amazing how much fun it is to be at a party with no DJ to focus on, just dancing. My first real DJ gig was in 2007 when Telfar invited me to play at his party Something Tight (first Thursdays at Happy Ending), that’s where I learned to DJ and I still do that party with him now.”

A Message from the Brooklyn Tourism Board from jeff on Vimeo.

This video pretty much sums up what Williamsburg is today. Don’t think I am hating, I live here, and couldn’t think of living anywhere else right now.


I think AC Slater is a brother from another mother. Everything this guy realized I dig in such a big way. He used lays and layers of bass that just makes your whole body want to move. Seriously I can’t say enough good things about this guy.



Intro Kun Os – ‘International’
Edu K Vs. Radioclit Ft. MC Eric – ‘Linguiça Maluka’
Cosmetics – ‘K33P K33P’
AC Slater – ‘Kuku feat. Fagget Fairys’ (Scott Cooper & Jak Z’s Post Mungo Mix)
B. Rich – ‘Ain’t Here To Party’ feat. Whiskey Pete
Blatta & Inesha – ‘Blow Up’ feat. Ask (HiJack Remix)
AC Slater – ‘Vertigo’ (Nick Supply Remix)
Alex Schmitz – ‘Beat Goes Boom’ (Stupid Fresh Remix)
Mightyfools – ‘Hey Babe’
Wiley – ‘Summertime’ (Crookers Remix)
Mikix The Cat – ‘Outlaw’
Udachi – ‘Jellyroll’
Deckstar – ‘Git Da Gyal Dem Skankin’ feat Tempah
AC Slater – ‘Jack Got Jacked’ (B. Rich Remix)
Jason Tyler – ‘Run Around’ (Udachi Rmx
Freestylers – ‘Don’t Stop’ (AC Slater Remix)
Drop the Lime – ‘Hear Me’ (AC Slater Remix)
Your Dirty Habit – ‘Your Dirty Habit’ (Computer Club Remix)
Moby – ‘The Stars’ (AC Slater Remix) “

(Via Nicky Digital.)

Escape from NY Flyer

Flyer says its all. Looks like Ed Rush, Optical, Dara and Empress will be touching down at Studio B, Friday August 1. The dubstep room will hold its own as well with Dave Q and Dhruva from Sub Swara.

Its been at least 6 years since I saw Ed Rush. This is gonna be awesome, I hope Studio B brings some extra Bass bin!! BOH BOH BOH!

$10 in advance. Tickets at ticket web.

The lineup for the films playing every other Tuesday at McCarren Pool are finally out… Drum roll please…

July 8: Rushmore
July 15: The Virgin Suicides
July 22: Wet Hot American Summer
July 29: Desperately Seeking Susan
August 5: Mean Streets
August 12: 28 Days Later
August 19: Velvet Goldmine
August 26: Blue Velvet

Some awesome movies on the roster this year. Don’t forget to bring a chair / something soft / something to eat / something to drink because sitting on concrete isn’t always the most comfortable.


Bass Friends Forever Cover

BASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! Thats pretty much all that is needed to sum up this mix. Lots of heavy hitting classics (Can songs from a year ago be a classic?) Fuck it. Classic hard hitting tracks that will make you dance in front of your computer.

The Captain – Bass Friends Forever Part 1

Mathhead – Bass Friends Forever Part 2

Pie’s and Thighs Closing

Get your Fried Chicken, Biscuit, Burgers and Pies in ASAP before its to late!!

Pie’s and Thigh’s