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There are a few times when I am browsing around the internet and I find delightful mixes of different things I like mashed together. This is one of those.

Motion Graphics genius Christopher Hewitt latest project is an insanely awesome video for Blamma! Blamma! – Collide Sparks track.

Druelworthy custom turntables. More

(Via Design You Trust.)

Two really great Belgian ads using really slick animation to talk about the benefits of mass transit. A really awesome way of broaching the subject.

(Via AdFreak.)


New track out by T-Pain with insane visual effects by Syndrome Studio. Really clean green screen job, nice effects, nice cutting, good song.

Check out the video here and download it here.

Consisting of 748 square panels illuminated by LED strips, running on solar power, this $2million installation covers 9 floors of a parking lot on the corner of Rundle Street and Pulteney Street in Adelaide, Australia, and most likely to become a recognizable landmark, running from 8pm till midnight every day.
Designed by Fusion

(Via Computerlove | Connecting Creative Talents.)

You know I couldn’t make it a full week without posting a mix.

This week local DJ/Designer Miss World hits us with a bmore breaks / new rave / hip-hop mix that is great way to get pumped at home before heading over to her new party, Waxed this Saturday the 25th.


Tracklisting below the fold….

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