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Hilarious account of a comedian’s first experience in a south beach club. Words can’t express!

An event as great as this can only happy in in Williamsburg after a wicked night of drinking. Pretty good video, especially if its a slow day at work.

God! I am so excited about this concert. I haven’t been this excited about a show since I was 15. Tickets are obviously sold out but you can pick them up scalped i bet.

The above youtube is Daft Punk’s LA show. HOTTNESS!

Video from last night’s insanity is here. Freaking amazing times

In preparation for Saturday nights Green Velvet show at Studio B, I put together a collection of Green Velvet videos. I better see some of you cats at the show.

LaLa Land

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Those hip electro djs known as MSTRKRFT hooked up with the folks over at Puma to design this custom shoe. The insole of which feature photo’s of the models in their controversial Easy Love music video.


Overall Trouble and Bass 10 was a great party. Amazing DJs as always at TnB events, cheap ass drinks ($2 pints of PBR!), lotsa hot girls, lotsa dancing, and an outdoor area to chill out. Nevertheless I closed the bar at 4pm and proceeded to go to White Castle and eat a sack of 10. Sunday morning hurts.


More video below.. hit the link

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Pretty accurate depiction of the NYC rave scene in the mid-90’s. Some big names show up in this when they were still pretty young; Scotto, DB, and Adam X

From the director:

Nominated for Best Short Film at the 1996 Sundance Film Festival, “Rave On” gives an inside look at the New York City rave underground of the mid-1990s. The first HD-originated film ever nominated at Sundance.

Thanks BreakfastScienceBoard for the find.