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Jelly NYC Pool Party Schedule

McCarren Pool Parties have moved to the Williamsburg waterfront this year at East River State Park (Kent Ave. at N. 8th St., Brooklyn).

I will pretty much post any remix of Solid Grooves “This is Sick” its a classic bassline sound I have been digging since I was a youngster. The fact that Riva Starr remixed with the great Richie Hawtin aka Plastikman makes it all the better. Enjoy!

Mistah FAB

So Twitter has now made it to mainstream rap. Check out this new track from Mistah F.A.B. pretty good track, made me laugh for sure, although I am getting sick of Auto-Tune, but really who isn’t these days.

From the maker of the SlapChop comes the best Vince parody video I have ever seen in my life. Epic!

(Via Consumerist.)

Diplo’s Mad Decent iPhone app came out with a iPhone app. It makes some cool sound effects and its free and you can have a Mad Descent logo on your iPhone.. So download it so you can play an Airhorn or Air Raid siren whenever you want.

Ratatat LP3 Bike

The Fader has a contest to win a really sweet Ratatat LP3 bike. The rules are that you need to design ANYTHING from Ratatat’s LP3 album cover. Find out all the details here.

(Via online casinoedfaObscene NYC.)

Lady Soverign got a very Avril Lavigne style haircut. Guess now now she is more approachable to a mass audience. Verdict… Not so good… What do you think?

Two really great Belgian ads using really slick animation to talk about the benefits of mass transit. A really awesome way of broaching the subject.

(Via AdFreak.)

Scion has really been getting this whole marketing to youth culture thing right. In the above commercial shot by Imaginary Forces, you can really see Scion grab hold of the hyper individualized mashup culture we live into and reconstitute in a meaningful way it to sell a car.

Seriously between sponsoring DJ’s like Rusko and Diplo and producing commercials like this I can’t help but like what Scion is offering me.

BBS Gear, run by drum & bass legends DB & Dara, and designer Norik, is having a Winter Sale. 60% off shirts and hoodies Featuring art by:

Tristan Eaton
Matt Hollister
Pamela Harris
Jason Clay Lewis

Enter Code: BRRR

(Via Design You Trust. World’s Most Famous Social Inspiration..)