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Some great work by Kike Besanda. Really cool to see bikes used like that.

Two really great Belgian ads using really slick animation to talk about the benefits of mass transit. A really awesome way of broaching the subject.

(Via AdFreak.)

Scion has really been getting this whole marketing to youth culture thing right. In the above commercial shot by Imaginary Forces, you can really see Scion grab hold of the hyper individualized mashup culture we live into and reconstitute in a meaningful way it to sell a car.

Seriously between sponsoring DJ’s like Rusko and Diplo and producing commercials like this I can’t help but like what Scion is offering me.

Cool little bike commercial by Daniel Leeb’s (Cinecycle – Puma i-cycle films…) about Hutchinson Intensive and Urban Tour tires.

(Via trackosaurus rex.)

2nd ad out by Crispin Porter that is supposed to “change the way we think about PCs” My opinion. Its ok. Not going to make me buy a PC anytime soon, but it does get me talking about a brand I hate. So there is something there.

Its not often that a toilet manufacturer takes a real risk with there advertising dollars, but when they do. Why not go big right? Check out this commercial. Reminds me the Meatpacking district, but cleaner.