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Hot Bassline, Hot Lyrics, Awesome Video.. .Watch it now!

The story of how one man on ecstasy starts a dance revolution.


Reminds me of the 90’s

via Discobelleмебель в болгарии

Video is nothing to write home about but the track is a banger

Hilarious video comparing roadies to fixed gear kids. Thanks for this Andy!

I will pretty much post any remix of Solid Grooves “This is Sick” its a classic bassline sound I have been digging since I was a youngster. The fact that Riva Starr remixed with the great Richie Hawtin aka Plastikman makes it all the better. Enjoy!

The Drop the Lime East Coast tour is over… This recap video tells the story. Looked to be pretty awesome.
Geekhouse Movie from Geekhouse Bikes on Vimeo.

Geekhouse makes awesome custom bikes. I have wanted one for a few years now. Having just watched this video of what goes into making a Geekhouse bike, I even want one even more right now. Check out the video, leave your thoughts in the comments.