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This peel sessions are a god-send for a budding young fixed gear freestyler. Come watch some cats do it up proper, get some great pics, drink some beer. Good times all around.

Special Peel Sessions

Brought to you by:

Crumpler Bags
Dave’s Quality Meat
Continuum Cycles

Presented by Get Sum with Get Pitted Lifestyle.

LIVE Under the BQE
Thursday, November 15th 8pm
Meeker at Jackson | Brooklyn
$5 Entry

slalom and drag
flatland and wheelies
long and styl

Went down to the Banks this weekend to check out some of my comrades perform bike tricks in honor of the Mash SF premier. I am no filmmaker, but I saw my old digital 8 camcorder sitting alone that Sunday morning so I decided to film it. Edited in iMovie. Ghetto style, but shows off some east coast talent.