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The White

You might have heard the drama. It went something like this. “A new pizza place is opening next to Grimaldi’s they must want a war, why would they open there.” Well they did open, well, soft opened today for lunch and in one word.. EPIC…

The pizza was absolutely awesome. Thicker crust than Grimaldi’s but just slightly, giving a great crunch that I look for in pizza. The slices are not sloppy or overly loaded with sauce or cheese. The staff looks like they are from a Grateful Dead concert, but it doesn’t matter because they are so friendly you are put immediately at ease. Definitely stop by there and get a pie in the next month before the tourists take this place over!

Ignazio’s Pizza
4 Water St, Brooklyn NY


Edit: In the interest of fairness there has a been a bunch of comments speaking about the poor quality of this place, as you can see below or through a search on Yelp. I have not experienced this, but others have and its worth noting that there have been wildly different reviews of this place, so take any review with a grain of salt.