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I think AC Slater is a brother from another mother. Everything this guy realized I dig in such a big way. He used lays and layers of bass that just makes your whole body want to move. Seriously I can’t say enough good things about this guy.



Intro Kun Os – ‘International’
Edu K Vs. Radioclit Ft. MC Eric – ‘Linguiça Maluka’
Cosmetics – ‘K33P K33P’
AC Slater – ‘Kuku feat. Fagget Fairys’ (Scott Cooper & Jak Z’s Post Mungo Mix)
B. Rich – ‘Ain’t Here To Party’ feat. Whiskey Pete
Blatta & Inesha – ‘Blow Up’ feat. Ask (HiJack Remix)
AC Slater – ‘Vertigo’ (Nick Supply Remix)
Alex Schmitz – ‘Beat Goes Boom’ (Stupid Fresh Remix)
Mightyfools – ‘Hey Babe’
Wiley – ‘Summertime’ (Crookers Remix)
Mikix The Cat – ‘Outlaw’
Udachi – ‘Jellyroll’
Deckstar – ‘Git Da Gyal Dem Skankin’ feat Tempah
AC Slater – ‘Jack Got Jacked’ (B. Rich Remix)
Jason Tyler – ‘Run Around’ (Udachi Rmx
Freestylers – ‘Don’t Stop’ (AC Slater Remix)
Drop the Lime – ‘Hear Me’ (AC Slater Remix)
Your Dirty Habit – ‘Your Dirty Habit’ (Computer Club Remix)
Moby – ‘The Stars’ (AC Slater Remix) “

(Via Nicky Digital.)


Fresh mix from The Captain thrown together for Nicky Digital‘s website. Genre’s run all over the map on this one. Really a great example of the scene right now.

Download it HERE

Track listing:
Intro – The Captain’s Mom Voicemail
Little Jinder – We (Trouble & Bass Records)
TC – Where’s My Money (Caspa Remix) (D Style Records)
B. Rich – Everyday Hustle (AC Slater Remix) (A New Hope Records)
Drop The Lime – Like Thunder (Trouble & Bass Records)
Mikix The Cat – Freeze (Trouble & Bass Records)
David Guetta feat. Thailand – Joan of Ark (Crookers ‘Hardtime’ Remix) (Virgin Records)
DJ R.L. – NFL Hornz (Unreleased)
Baobinga – State of Ghetto Jackin feat. DJ Nasty (Trouble & Bass Records)
Raffertie – Wobble Horror! (Slit Jockey Records)
Bombaman – Partially Clipse (Unreleased)
Little Jinder – I Like it Casual (Blackfinger Remix) (Trouble & Bass Records)”

(Via Trouble & Bass.)

Love Brigade

Love Brigade Clothing announces the Grand Opening of Love Brigade Co Op boutique showroom, located in a new venue in 230 Grand street in the heart of NYC’s trendy Williamsburg shopping district, one block from Bedford Avenue.

The brain child of Love Brigade will open its doors at 8pm on Friday October 5th to bring all the attendants into the most sought after talent in the industry. Local, national and international designers have been selected to participate in this project and display alongside Love Brigade brand and other established labels.

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