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The south of France keeps putting out great stuff. Check out the latest track and a mix from Stereo Hereos

Now the question is who is going to fly these guys over to the states?

Zingone & Nina – Kick it (Stereoheroes Remix)

Djedjotronic feat. Spoek – Dirty & Hard (StereoHeroes Remix)

Stereoheroes – January Mixset 30min

Tracklist below the fold

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I have an unhealthy obsession with Katy Perry. Don’t ask me why but its awesome pop and just asking for some Dubstep remixes. Everything is awesome about this video except the Diesel product placement.

RER EP.jpg

Nice little number from Mustard Pimp. Some french electro I believe.


Oh I miss the care free days of bitmap graphics and simple animations.

Classic house track. Shake and Pop has really been making the rounds lately with the heavy bass scene taking off all around the globe. This track is timeless really. Solid bassline, solid danceable riff. Good times.

An old old track that I used to listen to over and over again driving to and from parties in the northeast.

Big Stereo posted the original track on their blog today and it flashed me back to 2000 just like that.


Fresh mix from The Captain thrown together for Nicky Digital‘s website. Genre’s run all over the map on this one. Really a great example of the scene right now.

Download it HERE

Track listing:
Intro – The Captain’s Mom Voicemail
Little Jinder – We (Trouble & Bass Records)
TC – Where’s My Money (Caspa Remix) (D Style Records)
B. Rich – Everyday Hustle (AC Slater Remix) (A New Hope Records)
Drop The Lime – Like Thunder (Trouble & Bass Records)
Mikix The Cat – Freeze (Trouble & Bass Records)
David Guetta feat. Thailand – Joan of Ark (Crookers ‘Hardtime’ Remix) (Virgin Records)
DJ R.L. – NFL Hornz (Unreleased)
Baobinga – State of Ghetto Jackin feat. DJ Nasty (Trouble & Bass Records)
Raffertie – Wobble Horror! (Slit Jockey Records)
Bombaman – Partially Clipse (Unreleased)
Little Jinder – I Like it Casual (Blackfinger Remix) (Trouble & Bass Records)”

(Via Trouble & Bass.)

Aesome Tendori inspired iphone app. A must have for any musican.



Tenori-On: Tenori-On Inspired PacklSound1 iPhone App Coming Soon, But Not Soon Enough

Clearing out the inbox… I got this pretty awesome mixtape from the guys over at Kelevra. Its pretty awesome and just what I need on a Thursday

Kelevra KrunK’d Mixtape…

1. Kraak & Smaak – Squeeze Me (Trevor Loveys Remix)
2. Kelevra – Grab Ya Fuckstick
3. Fake Blood – Mars
4. Jak-Z & Cooper – Move Ya Body
5. Fake Blood – Fake Blood Theme
6. Estaw – Break It Down (Herve Remix)
7. DMX – Up In Here (Mighty Fools Remix)
8. Suriv Ft Ruegroove – WYDTM (Stupid Fresh Remix)
9. Foamo – Everything Cool
10. Man Eat DJ ft Jizm – I Need It
11. Liga Da Justica – Wassap (Crookers Remix)
12.Estelle – Wait A Minute (Counte & Sinden Remix)
13.Headshotboyz – Lava
14.Stuffa ft: Mapai – Pretty Girls (Sinden Remix)


I recently came across this little gem of a band. Take the new rave electro movement and smash it together with metal and voila you get Enter Shikari. I have to say though, I am actually digging the mother ship track.