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Mishka comes hard this month with 7th Keep Watch mix from the now legendary Trouble and Bass crew. Expect mad brooklyn love and ton’s of bass in this mix.


Bass Friends Forever Cover

BASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! Thats pretty much all that is needed to sum up this mix. Lots of heavy hitting classics (Can songs from a year ago be a classic?) Fuck it. Classic hard hitting tracks that will make you dance in front of your computer.

The Captain – Bass Friends Forever Part 1

Mathhead – Bass Friends Forever Part 2

Jan 4th Takeover Flyer

This Friday I will be treking my Brooklyn loving ass to Manhattan for this multi-genre fun time party

Dub War, Secret Night of Science, Sub Swara, and The Trouble and Bass guys. Prepare for a BASSSSSSS overload!!
Love @ 179 MacDougal @8th st
$10 b4 12 $20 after

Overall Trouble and Bass 10 was a great party. Amazing DJs as always at TnB events, cheap ass drinks ($2 pints of PBR!), lotsa hot girls, lotsa dancing, and an outdoor area to chill out. Nevertheless I closed the bar at 4pm and proceeded to go to White Castle and eat a sack of 10. Sunday morning hurts.


More video below.. hit the link

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