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TLGB (The Living Graham Bond) despite the weird name is a great dj/producer. He won the AC Slate remix competition from earlier this year despite a strong competition. He also just joined up with Venga Digital for a single and EP release. Check out the following remixes:

A bassline driven rejig of Jack Penate’s single “Today’s Tonight” which spent a month in Kissy Sell Out’s myspace chart and has featured on his Radio One show. Download. And a subby chilled out remix of the classic “You’re Not Alone” by Olive. Download.

photo via Lethally Dosed

Dubstep pioneer Benga dropped this sick essential mix on us this February. Killer killer mix and awesome track selection. Thanks to Prolly for the find!

edit: because of some CRAPPY people linking to this file directly the mix has been pulled. If you want it just leave a comment.. Sorry to all the good people out there.

Tracklisting below the fold:

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Check out this wicked documentary about the history of Jungle music. Produced sometime around 1994 in the UK.

My 2 loves combined in on Current TV video. Bikes and bass heavy dubstep. Pretty cool, albeit grainy video of some Londoners doing some sprints with a dubstep soundtrack. Very nice.

Night Ride Through the Docks of London // Current