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Justice: Stress

The new video for the older “Stress” track has just hit the video sharing sites. Worth a watch, but nothing ground breaking.

Download the hi-rez.

Well it appears that D.A.N.C.E. has completely made it mainstream, making it to the late night talk shows. It’s great though! Get more people into good music and fun parties.

As I hope you all know by now Justice is playing in NYC on the 20th. Tickets haven’t gone on sale yet but they will this Friday at noon.

In honor of their upcoming show here are some Justice remix tracks pulled from Vice Records so if you are digging them head over to Vice and pick up the tracks!

Blood On Our Hands Justice Remix

Spank Rock vs Justice – Thunderous Bumps

Justice DANCE Plus Move Pirate Remix

Justice the new hottness from France just did an Essential Mix. It is freaking ridiculous. These guys seriously know what’s up with house / heavy bass / and rock.


tracklist via newmixes