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Sabo a NYC based DJ/producer. (Whom I didn’t even know was local to me) put out an awesome mix for XLR8R mix that spans house, dubstep, baile funk, hip-hop and everything in between.

Check it out, definitely worth a listen.. Tracklist beneath the fold.

XLR8R Presents Sabo
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Don’t know much about Kazey but with a tracklist like theirs you can’t help but give this mix a listen. If you know more than me leave a comment about it in the comments section.


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I woke up to this track this morning. On the radio alarm of all places. Now I start checking my RSS Feeds and it shows up on FOOL’S GOLD. This track is following me around. I first heard it maybe month ago and really liked it despite is more downtempo feel. (Compared to what I normally listen to anyway.)

Pretty awesome video and don’t forget to pick up the single on iTunes.



New track out by T-Pain with insane visual effects by Syndrome Studio. Really clean green screen job, nice effects, nice cutting, good song.

Check out the video here and download it here.

Happy V-Day from Mad Decent in weird aspect ration and all!×3.swf

Well now I have seen it all. Katie Couric interviewing little wayne. Really? I love Lil’ Wayne but this is crazy.


Discobelle came across some dubstep influenced tracks by Lil’ Wayne. Check em here:

Lil Wayne (ft. Pharrell) – Yes
Lil Wayne (ft. Pharrell) – Ay Man



Nice classic HipHop and Rap. Throwback to my HS youth. This mix has Dr. Dre, Pharcyde, NWA, Easy-E all of that west coast rap that came out during the height of the media hyped East Coast vs. West Coast battle. Hot stuff.

Tracklist After the Fold

(Via Attorney Street.)

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Mad Decent Xmas: Angels with Filthy Souls from Mad Decent on Vimeo.

A bit late, but so good that I had to post it up. Great job guys, bravo.

Heat Is On-Nate Mars-Featuring Nika D from MOTiF PICTURES on Vimeo.

A Transatlantic collaboration between Nate Mars and Virus Syndicate.

You know I couldn’t make it a full week without posting a mix.

This week local DJ/Designer Miss World hits us with a bmore breaks / new rave / hip-hop mix that is great way to get pumped at home before heading over to her new party, Waxed this Saturday the 25th.


Tracklisting below the fold….

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