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Yeah, it’s the Mecca of Donk; the heard of Donk. Literally there’s a load of Donk that goes on.

VBS.TV just re-discovered high BPM house music now called Donk and exploits it by calling it some new sound. If your interested in check out the full 5 part series on the “Donk Phenomenon” head over to VBS to be mildly bored by a rehashing of a genre as old as electronic music.


Blackkat Mayday Jam 2008 from Steven Hubert on Vimeo.

Every year now for the past 10 years or so I have been making it my mission to go the Blackkat Mayday parties. There is just something so freaking awesome about dancing outside during the day with a bunch of older kids I danced with many years ago, families, old people, and new kids to the scene.

Today was no exception. Another great party by a crew I have loved for years. Big up’s Chrome, Jason BK, Grandmaster Caz, and of course Lenny Dee for laying down the jams.