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Pretty cool idea for tracking bike movements through the city using chalk I wonder if a prototype will ever be built.

‘Contrail’ is a design concept that enables cyclists to increase their visibility to cars, pedestrians, and each other. Conceived by Pepin Gelardi and Teresa Herrmann, this frame-mounted device would allow cyclists to make their mark on the street with faint lines of chalk. The rear wheel spins a smooth trail of color onto the pavement as the bike whizzes along.

Contrail leaves an impression based on the cumulative movements of many
cyclists over time (a more lasting variation on the BYO bike lane concept employed by the laser-projected LightLane). Its provocative visual language lies somewhere between sky
calligraphy, temporary street graffiti, and overlapping footprints in
the snow.

Gelardi and Herrmann proposed Contrail for the Power to the Pedal competition, and are currently developing a prototype. They envision ‘a new cycle of biking participation’ in which the criss-crossing chalk ribbons would pique curiosity, identify more popular routes, and inspire more cyclists to hit the road.

(Via Streetsblog.)

Two really great Belgian ads using really slick animation to talk about the benefits of mass transit. A really awesome way of broaching the subject.

(Via AdFreak.)

Its pretty nuts to see the amount of planes up in the air at a given time. Current estimates say that at at given time of the day 2 million people are in the air. Crazy amount of CO2 going up in upper atmosphere.