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Listening through Odi’s amazing Legacy NYC mix has had me loving a number of tracking in the mix. One track “Flatliner” has caught my attention and the attention of Mel over at Apt 11. I actually didn’t know the track and had to ask the grandmaster Odi himself; who let me know that it is infact TC. Check it out below. Awesome awesome vocals.

TC – Flatliner

Unfortunately I missed last months amazing Legacy party thrown by the NYC Jungle crew. From what I gathered from the live mixes, it was a fucking amazing time. Check out these mixes from the original Odi himself, and Profile.

Odi live at Legacy

Profile live at Legacy

So by now you know they can throw it down. Check out their next event with Jumping Jack Frost on August 23rd by checking the board.

A bunch of these cat’s used to throw their own parties a few years ago but now they have joined forces to create a new weekly that should make the Wed. (hump day) all that more bearable.

If you haven’t heard Defidelity 6-5000, Lauren Flax, or CT Burners before. You should click on this links for some hot hot hot tunage

Defidelity 6-5000 (right click to download)
Lauren Flax (myspace page)
CT Burners (right click to download)

Tricia Romano, the Fly Life writer for the Village Voice is hanging up her hat on her job as staff writer for NYC nightlife. She has some interesting things to say about the DnB scene. She like me, grew up in the DNB scene, saw its brief rise, and then its collapse. I will always still love the music.

If you grew up with DnB or have read Fly Life check this out.

village voice