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Check out this wicked documentary about the history of Jungle music. Produced sometime around 1994 in the UK.

Its always a fun time when big record company’s go after amazing DJs that please crowds Around the world. Take a gander at this documentary about our music scene’s eternal struggle against corporate giants.

Good Copy Bad Copy

Pretty accurate depiction of the NYC rave scene in the mid-90’s. Some big names show up in this when they were still pretty young; Scotto, DB, and Adam X

From the director:

Nominated for Best Short Film at the 1996 Sundance Film Festival, “Rave On” gives an inside look at the New York City rave underground of the mid-1990s. The first HD-originated film ever nominated at Sundance.

Thanks BreakfastScienceBoard for the find.

I recently came across a film called “Notes on Breakcore.” I was curious what the Europeans had to say about this unique genre. If your interested in it as a genre, check out the directors website:

More interestingly however was seeing my friend Luca aka Drop the Lime aka Curses! the man behind the amazing Trouble and Bass parties being on this European documentary.

Check out the video below to see what he has to say about breakcore and the internet. Quite funny..

*Warning* This is a 30mb file, so I recommend pushing play, then pause.. waiting a few moments and push play again so it doesn’t get all skippy like.