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Kimba File Image Please join me in exuberant celebration for the newest addition to the NuBloom family, Kimba!

Kimba has lived in NYC for nearly 5 years now and pretty much pwns what it going on in NYC area. Expect many great posts about food places, party places, and great events.

I try to post as many event’s I can on this blog during the week but sometimes I just get overloaded at my day job and don’t have time to update. To combat this I set up a event board where you can post your own events or comment on others. Its right above this posting, in the header. Yep right there!

If you have been to the site in the past few days you might of noticed it acting it a bit strangely. Well it was because I transfered webhosts to a new server which should net much better performance, but in rebuilding my SQL tables I overwrote this WordPress with another one. It was a mess but it should be all cleaned up now and the site should be functioning so much better so enjoy!