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Can’t say I know much about this hiphop group other than I love this video and the lyrics on it. Worth a listen.

I feel like electronic music has full circle. This new video from Rusko reminds me of being 16. Which unfortunately was 13 years ago. Either way hot track so chune in!

Literally the most insane dubstep video you will ever see in your life. Seriously. Watch..

I am not a big fan of Kanye but under these circumstances it is just awesome. Whoever cut this together needs a job in some important film studio

I know I know, there are 100’s of Rebecca Black remixes out there. I know, but I promise you this is the best one as its not just 4 minutes of her voices be warped there is actually a sic a minimix after the track. Check it out, you will love.

Hot video just came out for a hot track. Maggie Horn’s voice really is amazing.

Some SXSW footage of Maggie Horn and Sammy Banana’s after the break…

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I can swear this is a co-worker over here. Either way it’s awesome.

Charlie Sheen Dub

Crazy leg with it.

This is a bird I would love to own. Seriously.