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Such a good track. Disclosure is going to blow up big in America. It’s not there yet, but will be soon.

Couple months old now, but this track has some deep deep bass and a nice lyric. Really loving the whole merger of UK and US rap/bassline music that has been occurring for a few years now.

Hot Bassline, Hot Lyrics, Awesome Video.. .Watch it now!


TLGB (The Living Graham Bond) despite the weird name is a great dj/producer. He won the AC Slate remix competition from earlier this year despite a strong competition. He also just joined up with Venga Digital for a single and EP release. Check out the following remixes:

A bassline driven rejig of Jack Penate’s single “Today’s Tonight” which spent a month in Kissy Sell Out’s myspace chart and has featured on his Radio One show. Download. And a subby chilled out remix of the classic “You’re Not Alone” by Olive. Download.

The Beat Assassins have just released a hot hot hot Summer mix on TM. Bass for miles and really tight mix. Definitely one for the stream…



The Beat Assassins – Urban Electro Summer 2009 Mix

Tracklist below the fold….


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I will pretty much post any remix of Solid Grooves “This is Sick” its a classic bassline sound I have been digging since I was a youngster. The fact that Riva Starr remixed with the great Richie Hawtin aka Plastikman makes it all the better. Enjoy!

Great video that made it to number one on the UK top 40 charts. At first I wasn’t feeling it, but the break one minute in turned it around for me. Make sure to watch it in high quality for the full awesomeness.

There are a few times when I am browsing around the internet and I find delightful mixes of different things I like mashed together. This is one of those.

Motion Graphics genius Christopher Hewitt latest project is an insanely awesome video for Blamma! Blamma! – Collide Sparks track.

Yeah, it’s the Mecca of Donk; the heard of Donk. Literally there’s a load of Donk that goes on.

VBS.TV just re-discovered high BPM house music now called Donk and exploits it by calling it some new sound. If your interested in check out the full 5 part series on the “Donk Phenomenon” head over to VBS to be mildly bored by a rehashing of a genre as old as electronic music.



I have been digging the Rinse FM dubstep podcasts for a while now and don’t usually post about them, but this mix by Karnage is really off the chains and worth taking a listen to before you head out to the weekend parties. (If you ignore all the annoying radio voiceovers.)

Karnage w/ Manga + Axeman – 11th January