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Diplo’s Mad Decent iPhone app came out with a iPhone app. It makes some cool sound effects and its free and you can have a Mad Descent logo on your iPhone.. So download it so you can play an Airhorn or Air Raid siren whenever you want.

Druelworthy custom turntables. More

(Via Design You Trust.)

Consisting of 748 square panels illuminated by LED strips, running on solar power, this $2million installation covers 9 floors of a parking lot on the corner of Rundle Street and Pulteney Street in Adelaide, Australia, and most likely to become a recognizable landmark, running from 8pm till midnight every day.
Designed by Fusion

(Via Computerlove | Connecting Creative Talents.)

It’s easy to make your own Daft Punk helmet if you have some free time and basic soldering knowledge. Check out this video from Casey Pugh doing it for halloween this year.

2nd ad out by Crispin Porter that is supposed to “change the way we think about PCs” My opinion. Its ok. Not going to make me buy a PC anytime soon, but it does get me talking about a brand I hate. So there is something there.,

Hey! You! Music blogger! Now is your opportunity to still a bit of Muxtapes thunder and install a clone on your webserver and to have an elegant way to let your audience listen to your track selections of the week.

Awesomeness all around. Send me an email aso [at] nubloom [dot] org if you create a mix and I will link off to it.

(Via Valleywag.)

Aesome Tendori inspired iphone app. A must have for any musican.



Tenori-On: Tenori-On Inspired PacklSound1 iPhone App Coming Soon, But Not Soon Enough

Looks like WordPress came out with an iPhone app. I am posting from my phone now. Pretty awesome!


via Gizmodo

Technology has moved so far along that you can now use colored gumballs to make music! Pretty cool and not to mention edible way of jamming out. Whats next, Fried chicken synth’s?

Got a few extra invites to Pownce. Hit me up in the comments section or send me an IM if you want an invite