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NYC 2008 Bicycle Film Festival

J Martinez takes some of my favorite photo’s. He really is a truly gifted photographer. Here he puts together a bunch of those awesome shots taken with his 40D with a nice short 24mm lens. Music is Kanye West.

Check out more of his stuff on Flickr. 🙂

Vespa and Mini Coopers in DUMBO

Daft Punk last night. Insanity. Click below for more videos

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Daft Punk Metal Sign
photo courtesy of Fran

Absolutely off the hook night. Best night of the summer. A teeny amount of rain, cool weather, amazing lights amazing sound, amazing crowd.

Video’s will be posted in a few hours but I wanted to get this up ASAP!

Fucking amazing time.

View pictures here.

or checking below:

Trouble and Bass this month was in a new venue. A place called Don Pedro. As you can see by the link. Its a classy place.

Regardless I got some good video of the night and used my less than skilled iMovie skills to put this video together. Check it out.

*Warning* Large file, let it preload by pushing play, then pause, waiting a few seconds and pushing play again.

You can also:
download the Hi-Rez .mp4