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Ratatat LP3 Bike

The Fader has a contest to win a really sweet Ratatat LP3 bike. The rules are that you need to design ANYTHING from Ratatat’s LP3 album cover. Find out all the details here.

(Via online casinoedfaObscene NYC.)

It’s easy to make your own Daft Punk helmet if you have some free time and basic soldering knowledge. Check out this video from Casey Pugh doing it for halloween this year.

Daft Punk Helmet Apparently for a cool 65K you can become a robot as talented as Daft Punk is. There is once catch though. The Daft Punk guys have to approve you before you can purchase

Get your own Daft Punk helmet via Engadget


Now you can make your own Daft Punk helmet for less than a 100 dollars!
How to Make a Daft Punk Helmet