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Category Archives: hiphop

Crazy leg with it.

Haven’t heard from Craze in a while, but I spend many a nights dancing to him. Awesome dj. Check this video out.

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Kingdom just edited the crappy ass “monster” track down to the good bad. Nikki Minaj.

Check it out over at the fader.

Hot Hot Hot Video and track from Trackademicks. If you watch one video today, make this it.

Couple months old now, but this track has some deep deep bass and a nice lyric. Really loving the whole merger of UK and US rap/bassline music that has been occurring for a few years now.


Another great mixtape from a big time rapper. Glad to see they are bustin’ these out for free.

Mistah FAB

So Twitter has now made it to mainstream rap. Check out this new track from Mistah F.A.B. pretty good track, made me laugh for sure, although I am getting sick of Auto-Tune, but really who isn’t these days.

Lady Soverign got a very Avril Lavigne style haircut. Guess now now she is more approachable to a mass audience. Verdict… Not so good… What do you think?

New video from The dream out. First video I have seen Mariah Carey in for a while. Its amazing how she can go from white girl pop to RnB girl smoothness. Anyway check out this video and the radio killer “Rockin’ that Shit below the fold featuring way to much Louis Vuitton .

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Don’t know much about Kazey but with a tracklist like theirs you can’t help but give this mix a listen. If you know more than me leave a comment about it in the comments section.


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