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Category Archives: hiphop

Wow. Can’t believe Sir Mix-a-Lot lets this mess happen.


Busta Rhymes ft. Nicki Minaj – Twerk It

Not a bad sound. Takes a while to get into it, so fastforward to like :50 seconds in. I like Nicki’s verse, but I am a sucker for her.

Hottest track out there right now.

White Chick Rapper’s coming out big in 2011. Makes me miss NY even though this is shot in CA

Throwback to a classic classic track. Perfect for those nice spring nights

YONKERS From Tylers Upcoming Second Album GOBLIN, Set To be Released in April.

Directed By Wolf Haley
Filmed By Luis Panch Perez

Great sound. Kinda sounds like Atmosphere, but awesome either way.

Can’t say I know much about this hiphop group other than I love this video and the lyrics on it. Worth a listen.

I am not a big fan of Kanye but under these circumstances it is just awesome. Whoever cut this together needs a job in some important film studio