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Category Archives: design

Fun Motion graphics party
Geekhouse Movie from Geekhouse Bikes on Vimeo.

Geekhouse makes awesome custom bikes. I have wanted one for a few years now. Having just watched this video of what goes into making a Geekhouse bike, I even want one even more right now. Check out the video, leave your thoughts in the comments.

Ratatat LP3 Bike

The Fader has a contest to win a really sweet Ratatat LP3 bike. The rules are that you need to design ANYTHING from Ratatat’s LP3 album cover. Find out all the details here.

(Via online casinoedfaObscene NYC.)

There are a few times when I am browsing around the internet and I find delightful mixes of different things I like mashed together. This is one of those.

Motion Graphics genius Christopher Hewitt latest project is an insanely awesome video for Blamma! Blamma! – Collide Sparks track.

Druelworthy custom turntables. More

(Via Design You Trust.)

Two really great Belgian ads using really slick animation to talk about the benefits of mass transit. A really awesome way of broaching the subject.

(Via AdFreak.)

Scion has really been getting this whole marketing to youth culture thing right. In the above commercial shot by Imaginary Forces, you can really see Scion grab hold of the hyper individualized mashup culture we live into and reconstitute in a meaningful way it to sell a car.

Seriously between sponsoring DJ’s like Rusko and Diplo and producing commercials like this I can’t help but like what Scion is offering me.


New track out by T-Pain with insane visual effects by Syndrome Studio. Really clean green screen job, nice effects, nice cutting, good song.

Check out the video here and download it here.