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Well now I have seen it all. Katie Couric interviewing little wayne. Really? I love Lil’ Wayne but this is crazy.


Discobelle came across some dubstep influenced tracks by Lil’ Wayne. Check em here:

Lil Wayne (ft. Pharrell) – Yes
Lil Wayne (ft. Pharrell) – Ay Man

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Looks like that lovely orange juice known as Sparks is no more. What is sparks without Caffeine. Just a bad tasting malt liqueur. Sad times.

I can’t recount the amount of awesome nights I have had with a Sparks or 3 coursing through my body. BOOO Andrew Cuomo. Boooo!

“The evildoers of the MillerCoors corporation announced today that they will ‘remove caffeine and three other ingredients from Sparks alcoholic energy drink’ after some people thought it was targeting youthful imbibers. ‘A coalition of state attorneys general had complained the stimulants reduced drinkers’ sense of intoxication and were marketed to young drinkers.’ The other ingredients being removed are taurine [i.e. bile], guarana and ginseng. NY Attorney General Andrew Cuomo said this measure ‘will ensure that from here on out, these drinks are kept off New York shelves and away from New York consumers.’ The remaining Sparks will be sold (stock up!) and the company will cease production by January 10th, when a new, less-stimulating formula is dispensed. So feared is the old Sparks that one temperance crusader at the Center for Science in the Public Interest even declared it ‘a devil’s brew.’ Sinners! Pour out your Satanic Sparks and open your mouths to the cleansing waters of non-energizng drinks. Or just clean the bathtub and start concocting a homemade recipe to get you through.”i

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Obama Victory (dubstep mix)

“Obama’s victory compiled with found footage on the net. music by Rusko. Thx to Shepherd Fairey, the voters, and Barack Obama for this historic moment …” Awesome tribute video
A Message from the Brooklyn Tourism Board from jeff on Vimeo.

This video pretty much sums up what Williamsburg is today. Don’t think I am hating, I live here, and couldn’t think of living anywhere else right now.

Banksy + Dubstep = Epic Win!

Check out some tunage I have come across in my exploration of the new MTV Music site. From Dance to Hiphop and and everywhere in between.

Warning: This is gonna be all over the genre map 🙂

Classic track and great video directed by the now brooklyn based Michel Gondry. Really downtempo, really helped me define my teenage years when this and Hackers (the movie) came out together.

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This isn’t a very political blog, but I thought it was worth posting this video clip of ABC interviewing Sarah Palin because it clearly states how idiotic she really is. As an American I want to say I am ashamed of my country for fostering individuals so poorly educated and clueless to the affairs of the world.

So this is just hitting the blogosphere. The story goes that some employee at Ogilvy broke into her old apartments roof and threw a big ass party. Fast-Forwad an hour and the partygoers have to take a piss but low and behold no bathrooms. doh! So what did the drunks do? They knock on random people’s doors and ask to use their bathrooms.

Really are people still this stupid in NYC, both Tracy Coleman (the idiot) and the partygoers.

Click below for the full story.

Vinegar Hill Summer Rooftop Party Cut Short: “

260 Water Street

This past Saturday (23-Aug-08), a rooftop takeover party on the 260 Water Street building was cut short. There was a report that a former tenant invited 1000 people to party on the roof, but after a ‘few hundred’ people gathered on the roof, someone called the police. According to the invite:

Last year word got out about the party pretty early, and the turnout was great! And we had a blast. But it got so good that eventually a cop showed up with 5 of his friends who peacefully informed us that we didn’t have to go home but…

So, this year we’re doing a takeover. Which is why you’re getting this email today and not a month ago. Let your people know and get ready for the hottest party of the summer. We have a few rules that we’ll let you know about later in the week but for now, get your gear ready, pick out your bottle and tell your people to be on time b/c if you show up with the CP time crowd at 1:30 and are ‘peacefully escorted’ off the roof an hour later, you can’t say we didn’t warn you!

I guess impromptu summer parties can’t be easily done anymore even in the usually quiet/deserted area of Vinegar Hill.

(Via Dumbo NYC.)