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Category Archives: comedy

I am not a big fan of Kanye but under these circumstances it is just awesome. Whoever cut this together needs a job in some important film studio

I can swear this is a co-worker over here. Either way it’s awesome.

Charlie Sheen Dub

This is a bird I would love to own. Seriously.

The story of how one man on ecstasy starts a dance revolution.

Hilarious video comparing roadies to fixed gear kids. Thanks for this Andy!,t=1,mt=video

The world really is tiny. Major Lazer is an awesome side project of Diplo and Switch. One if their first videos out is for Zumbie and features the great Andy Milonakis who is dressed up as a zombie wearing an awesome Mishka t-shirt.

Funny times, great soong, and small world… Enjoy

Mistah FAB

So Twitter has now made it to mainstream rap. Check out this new track from Mistah F.A.B. pretty good track, made me laugh for sure, although I am getting sick of Auto-Tune, but really who isn’t these days.

From the maker of the SlapChop comes the best Vince parody video I have ever seen in my life. Epic!

(Via Consumerist.)

Now anyone can be an electro producer with this amazing soundbound built by Ron Winter. Make your own

Electro Drums track.

(Via Computerlove | Connecting Creative Talents.)