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Electro, Track Bikes, Rollers, Dirty South Vocals, Track Racing… Really this video has it all!



(Via Gizmodo.)


Filmmakers and Film Watchers rejoice. Once again the bi-monthlyish event known as Bike Shorts returns to present us with all kinds of hilarious movies based around bicycles!

Anyone can submit, and anyone can watch.

bike shorts: one picture

for realz

Awesome HD footage taken by a cyclist as he tours through Asia. Check out the downhill stuff. Looks so awesome, really makes me want to go.

Journey as Destination – HD from Dave A on Vimeo.

If you needed another reason to fight for NYPD reform check out this video

Gothamist: Video of Cop Assaulting Cyclist at Critical Mass Ride

Looks like the gas prices are getting even people from NJ to bike to work every day. Awesome all around!

“I park my bike in the garage I used to use when I drove in,” he said before riding off. “There’s a gym in my office. I shower and come out looking like a lawyer.”

Once limited to dense urban environments, bike commuting has found a small but devoted following in the New York City suburbs. While there have been no formal studies of the trend, transportation experts and cycling advocates say the number of suburban bike commuters is growing.

For the Hard Core, Two Wheels Beat Four – via Treehugger.

Normally I don’t like the massive group ride. I just ride to fast to ride with large groups of people but streetsblog did an awesome video recapping it that shows how awesome cycling in the city can be.

Tour de Brooklyn 2008????????

Get excited. This Saturday is the start of a 5 race borough by borough race series through the streets of NYC. Sign up and register here.

Should be awesome as always. Check out the video below to get a taste of what the race is like.