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NuBloom is about Heavy Bass, DnB, NYC Party Culture, NYC Fixed Gear Culture, and overall good times that can only be encapsulated in a weblog.

Live Mixes, Studio Mixes, Photos, and a message board can all be found here.

**All music posted on this is for promotional use only. If you like what you hear by all means go out to the record store and buy it yourself. Good DJs and producers deserve your money if you are enjoying listening to them!

If you are a DJ or producer and have music that you would like removed from this site please send an email to aso [a] and it will be removed in 48 hours.

Studio and Live Mixes updated here as I remember! 🙂

DJ ODI – Fally 2007 Mix

Jon [S] and Jubilee present “Yoga Booty Ballet”

Jesse Mann “Natural Selections 4”

Justice “Essential Mix 6/10”

DTL “Synthesis Magazine Mix”

CT Burners “Live on the Southside”

Difidelity 6-5000 “Listening in Difidelity”

The Captain “Dirty Down Mix #1”

Passions “Disque Primeur Mix”

The Captain “The Summer Heartbreak Mix”

What better way of ringing in the holiday than with an amazing party by and I danced till well past 3am with artists like Curses, KnifeHandChop, and Moby moving my feet until dawn.

Below is youtube video I put together of all the clips I had on my camera. Check it out. If you listen closely you will hear some classic rave tracks.