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Awesome new mix from Rye Rye, MIA and Blaqstarr

Rye Rye & Blaqstarr – Blaqout Mixtape

Bass, B-More, sick vocals, what else do you need for a Monday morning. (Via Discobelle” and AttorneySt.)

Tracklist after the jump.

1. A Lil Bmore Intro
2. Hustress (club version)
3. I Run This
4. Wassup
5. Throw Dat Ass Back
6. Hands Up Thumbs Down
7. Ay Buddy
8. La La La Laa La
9. Sets Hi
10. Gun Up In The Air
11. Bout My Bizness
12. Hands Up Thumbs Down remix
13. Feel It In the Air
14. Get Up On the Floor
15. Crazy Leg Wit It
16. World Town (Blaqstarr version)
17. Paper Planes (Blaqstarr version)
18. Hustress (snippet)
19. Outro

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