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I think AC Slater is a brother from another mother. Everything this guy realized I dig in such a big way. He used lays and layers of bass that just makes your whole body want to move. Seriously I can’t say enough good things about this guy.



Intro Kun Os – ‘International’
Edu K Vs. Radioclit Ft. MC Eric – ‘Linguiça Maluka’
Cosmetics – ‘K33P K33P’
AC Slater – ‘Kuku feat. Fagget Fairys’ (Scott Cooper & Jak Z’s Post Mungo Mix)
B. Rich – ‘Ain’t Here To Party’ feat. Whiskey Pete
Blatta & Inesha – ‘Blow Up’ feat. Ask (HiJack Remix)
AC Slater – ‘Vertigo’ (Nick Supply Remix)
Alex Schmitz – ‘Beat Goes Boom’ (Stupid Fresh Remix)
Mightyfools – ‘Hey Babe’
Wiley – ‘Summertime’ (Crookers Remix)
Mikix The Cat – ‘Outlaw’
Udachi – ‘Jellyroll’
Deckstar – ‘Git Da Gyal Dem Skankin’ feat Tempah
AC Slater – ‘Jack Got Jacked’ (B. Rich Remix)
Jason Tyler – ‘Run Around’ (Udachi Rmx
Freestylers – ‘Don’t Stop’ (AC Slater Remix)
Drop the Lime – ‘Hear Me’ (AC Slater Remix)
Your Dirty Habit – ‘Your Dirty Habit’ (Computer Club Remix)
Moby – ‘The Stars’ (AC Slater Remix) “

(Via Nicky Digital.)

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