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This isn’t a very political blog, but I thought it was worth posting this video clip of ABC interviewing Sarah Palin because it clearly states how idiotic she really is. As an American I want to say I am ashamed of my country for fostering individuals so poorly educated and clueless to the affairs of the world.


  1. Her ignorance is terrifying. Her obviously unwavering confidence in herself, with no room for introspection, is even scarier.

  2. Her answers seem so stupid, so off key, and choppy up she would make a schizophrenic blush.

  3. She is unbelievable naive and incapable of saying yes or no.

    God help America if McCain gets elected and has to carry her as baggage.

  4. As an observer in Canada, the fact that it’s even possible that we may be saying ‘President Palin’ scares me to death. Her ignorance about world she could be in control of is shocking.

    This election, to me, is a test of American intelligence. I can not fathom how any educated American could cast their vote for the Republican ticket, knowing that she could very well become President.

    Please America…the world needs you to make the right choice this time!

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