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Fixed NYC w/ Simian Mobile Disco, JDH and Dave P
@ Studio b, $12 door

Trouble and Bass X w/ Drop the Lime, Star Eyes, Zak Shadetek, Mathhead
@ Rockstar Bar 351 Kent Ave, $3 door

The Righteous & The Wicked w/ various DJs
@Rebel 251 West 30th St, $15 for Angels (in costume), $20 otherwise.

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There are some truths you shouldn’t believe.

They say Manhattan nightlife is dead. Don’t believe it.
This Saturday night TheDanger invades the island of
commerce with that heady Brooklyn blend of sweat fueled
bacchanal, guerrilla performance and dj-orgy that makes
3:00am the best time to be alive.

You are invited to:
The Righteous & The Wicked

Saturday, July 7th from 10pm to 6am
@ Rebel : 251 West 30th St.

The Experience:
One part dance feast + one part public scandal + one part
performance explosion. Explore a half dozen rooms of big
sound, intimate lounges, interactive art, spontaneous
performance and full stocked bars with free vodka until
11pm. This night is the story of your best vices and
worst virtues – you should dress the part. Fallen angels
and costumed cherubs will get discounted admission and
secret gifts at special moments in the night.

The Wicked:
At the climax of the party The Lady Circus viscerally
displays the true meaning of miracle. Expect a full
sensory performance explosion laced with a dose of Danger.
You might get teased – you will be touched.

The Righteous:
Visuals heroics performed by The Housewives’ Guide To
Anatomy, Animatron and SuperDraw with moments of
transcendent body-balance performance by Akim Funk Buddha.
Accept a massage and a blissful mix of ambient, downtempo,
dub and glitch-hop from Ezekiel Honig, Leisure Muffin,
Autophage + Prototype and DJ Borne in the Angel Lounge.

The Fame:
Acid Betty and Logan introduce you to the wicked side of
celebrity as Jeremy Nelson and Devin Elijah make you
famous with pro portrait sessions to be broadcast
throughout the venue and online into perpetuity.

The Music:
Three live bands from black-rock to dirty-gospel and a
dozen dj’s mixing through intelligent hip-hop to dark
house to late night break-beats in three rooms of tight

On this night you deserve the livest of live music:

There are some bands that play with such blood and energy
that you experience an internal revolution with the beat
and sweat of just one performance. This is that band.
With a soulful lyrics, dance-inducing beats and
sharp-edged orchestration Sankofa sounds as if Muddy
Waters, U2, Bad Brains and Sam Cooke had a musical love

The infamous Stop Shopping Gospel Choir:
A ten piece live gospel revival with piercing
rock/activist edge. The Choir tours the world with
Reverend Billy, invading Starbucks and Wal-Marts with
their inescapable guerilla message: consumerism is
overwhelming our lives. The choir sparks the night at 10pm.

Rev. Vince Anderson and his Love Choir:
The originator of the Dirty Gospel movement. Each
performance carries you into the sweaty, boozy
dance-infused holy-orgy of the Deep South gospel
tradition. It’s impossible not to groove when this band
swarms the stage. We are The Righteous & The Wicked and
Rev. Vince Anderson tells us like it is.

The Dance Music is Endless:

Sujinho : bleeds broken beats. He was brought up and
tortured in catholic school where children were “angels
that should be silent”. Now he retaliates with the most
ambitiously intoxicating mixes that might just resurrect
the soul of this city.

Justin Carter : A master of low frequencies and hard
drums. He’s a dabbler in the silver age of hip-hop, the
golden age of funk, and the modern age of techno. Justin
is one of the most heralded underground spin-masters of
the moment.

Chairman Mao : When not plotting world domination Mao
moves the dance floor with the vintage funk/soul soiree
“Bumpshop,” and the true school hip-hop/&

-sink affair, “Grand Groove”.

DJ Haj : In the late night Haj will be erupting the floor
with thick layers of break-beats and deep progressions of
glitch-hop to middle eastern ethnic dub. Haj will raise
the sun as the night wakes into morning in this extended
after-hours set.

Steven Lee (Lee Cabrera) : Brings ‘in your face, jaw
dropping’ style of DJing. Lee is comfortable at the
forefront of some of the biggest clubs in the world with
his infectious technical and stand out style.

Julian Prince : Former resident at Stereo in Montreal, now
at Circus, Julian has been rocking dancefloors in North
America for the last couple of years with his funky,
upbeat mashup of tech house and electro.

Vivie-Ann : Along with the taste-making mixes she drops
nightly on dance floors across the world, the 23-year-old
Montreal DJ carries a reputation for orchestrating a
spectacular fusion of mischief, music and mayhem. When
asked to describe her sound, Vivie-Ann rattles off the
description “bump in the night with a little dynamite.”

Mike Khoury : Has an extensive history of opening and
headlining gigs, it’s no surprise that Mike is now an
elite member of Chicago’s EDM Scene. His self-described
style is dark, funky, and twisted minimal tech / tech

Thomas Pategas : Over the years, he’s gained an extremely
loyal following by spinning funky house tracks poured over
chunky bass lines – a unique sound that has made him one
of the top DJs in NYC nightlife.

Terminal Optic (Technics : Terminal : : Brings
life to the velvet gallery with broken beat, breaks to
jungle jazz.

All this and more at:
Rebel Club
251 West 30th Street
(bet. 7th & 8th Ave.)

Saturday, July 7th : 10pm to 6am
$15 for Angels (in costume) : $20 otherwise
Strictly 21+

For the broke (like us) you can get $9 tickets online
through midnight tonight:

The proceeds from this event will help pay for One Night
of Fire, the renegade parade that blurs revelry into riot.
Taking the city Saturday, July 14th.

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